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Glenne Fletcher RN, BSN, M.Ed.

Love is what human beings do best.

Sexuality is one of the ways we experience and express our love. When we are blocked as sexual beings, our sense of self may be altered, and our relationships suffer. When we most need to be loved, we feel alone. Aging, grief, trauma, illness, abuse, familial, religious and cultural influences are just some of the things that may alter our ability to experience pleasure, intimacy and connectedness. As a registered nurse and sexuality coach, I will work with you to overcome these obstacles. My goal is to empower you to honor your sexual self and to help you learn to cultivate intimacy with your partner.

What People Are Saying:

"Working with Glenne helped validate my sexuality and enabled me to view it as a beautiful and integral part of the woman I am. She gave me "homework" and has been available and supportive at checkpoints along the way, providing reassurance and celebrating my milestones. I feel empowered and confident in my sexuality, embracing it and the experiences it has opened up to me and look forward to being able to check back in with her as I continue in this exciting journey."

- Eva

"I am eternally thankful for my time with Glenne. Coming from someone who deals with social anxiety, I was surprised at how easy it is to talk with her. She facilitates a safe, comfortable space, and is a great listener. She's also very insightful and quickly picks up on things that I hadn't noticed about myself (which has been very helpful to look at things from new perspectives). Every time I talk with her I leave feeling recharged, empowered, and more in tune with my body and emotions. She has greatly enriched my life."

- Donavan

"I came to Glenne rather confused.

Glenne knew what questions to ask. Glenne understood exactly what I was experiencing. She helped me understand my feelings and that I didn't have to feel guilty. But the greatest outcome is that she helped me understand that I can be myself. In fact, I've grown closer to my wife. I've learned to better understand what's important and make better decisions without feeling guilty about my desires. It's only a start but I'm eternally grateful for what Glenne has done in such a short time. We truly do not know what we do not know and it takes someone like Glenne to help us learn that."

- Max

"Dear Glenne,

Thank you so much for speaking at our breast cancer support group from 6:30-8 pm on Feb 1. The evaluations from the 21 group members were overwhelming positive. Comments included "She was great, beyond what I expected, extraordinary, better than expected, great, funny, well-rounded, and Ms. Glenne Fletcher was the best speaker I've seen in a long time!

We greatly appreciate your sharing your expertise and time to speak with our group on the important topic of Intimacy and Breast Cancer. We also wish you well with your continued education. Keep up the wonderful work!"

- Carolyn & Coleen

"I attended my breast cancer meeting this past Wednesday our guest speaker was Glenne Fletcher, RN. She mentioned that she did this program with you at FCCC. The meeting was on Sexuality, Intimacy and how to help you feel better about yourself after being DX with breast cancer. The age group for the survivors were from 28 to 70. The information we received from Glenne, I think touched every survivor in some way. Glenne gave us the information in a way that was fun, informative and let us all know that things happen to our body for a reason (the aha moment). She shared personal experiences with the group and also got the whole group taking about their experiences and the problems they were have being intimate with their partner.

She also gave us very good information and tools to help us get back to feeling good about ourselves and our body.

It just wanted to say if you get the opportunity to offer this program to other cancer groups I am sure they will benefit from it just as our group did."

- Loretta

"Glenne is an extremely effective and respectful therapist. She recognized my presenting issues on multiple levels and worked with my strengths to address my weaknesses and expand my options. I learned a tremendous amount from my time working with her and improved significantly. I am very grateful to have had Glenne as my therapist.

I highly recommend her."

- Terry

"Being more sexually present with my partners without feeling the need to "do" something has always been a challenge for me. Glenne first generated a safe space (although there were still butterflies in my stomach and genitals) and then she gently, but purposefully moved me to a place that I very rarely go. Nervous, excited, potent. Something in me began to move. Glenne helped me discover a sexual location within myself that I can still touch into."

Payment is cash only. Sliding scale is available.
Evening and weekend appointments available.

Offices located in greater Philadelphia area and Brattleboro, VT.